Packaging Components has 3 casemakers with different areas of expertise.. The EMBA 240 handles most of our standard case work with two colour print and rotary die capabilities.

Our other two casemakers, a Kirby and a Fury, handle undersized or oversized case options.



Diecutting allows the customer to create a box in what ever shape or form they can imagine. There are hundreds of potential styles already in use and customers ask for different and new options regularly.



Solid-Card Divisions

Our new two colour Young Shin diecutter was installed in July 2018 and is already producing beautiful diecuts.

We have Irelands only solid card division making/assembling plant.

It is particularly suited to pharmaceutical and beverage solutions.



Hand Assembling

We specialise in in the finishing touches which make your packaging solution really personal.

Hand Assembled divisions, specialist gluing, window patching and pre-assembly are all acheivable.