Quality Statement and Quality Policy

“All staff at all levels striving to fulfil and exceed our customers expectations, while continually improving the products and service we provide.”



ii.ii) The Senior Management of Packaging Components Ltd. are committed to the concept of Quality in our workplace. Our niche in this marketplace calls for a small and flexible team, and as a result our Quality Management System is designed to be as simple and creative as possible while satisfying all of the requirements of ISO9001:2015.


Customer service and satisfaction of our customers are the driving forces of our organisation. We feel that our interests will best be served by the reduction of non-conforming product which reaches the customer to negligible without any loss of the innovation, flexibility and service they receive from us on a day to day basis. In turn this will increase customer satisfaction, and generate more income from new and established customers, while bringing down the cost of production by eliminating errors, remakes and credits at every level of Management and Production.


Our commitment to this concept will involve the allowance for the training of Staff to realise all relevant processes described in our Quality Management System. In addition, we are dedicated to providing adequate resources for both operating the Quality Management System and providing the feedback and drive for continual improvement and innovation.


              Measurable Quality Objectives


o  To reduce the percentage of sheet not converted into a conforming Product.

o  To reduce the cost of customer complaints as a percentage of Sales.

o  To reduce customer credits as a percentage of Sales.

o  To increase productivity by improving the ratio of hours worked versus the volume of corrugated cardboard sheet processed.